Balcony Piece II

Despite the hot season, my feet in socks against mosquito attacks, I sat in my balcony for my morning study break ritual. Enjoying the fresh air, I laughed at the tiny creatures swarming around me unable to penetrate my protection – a result of an ingenious idea. A cat below, however, took my attention to cut my self-eulogizing laugh as it smelt some dog poo seeming to be ready to feast on it for its breakfast. Churned up just by the idea of it as I was about to shoo it off, it moved on some distance in an aura of contempt at the dog. Smelling the ground here and there, it started to dig in its well-learned act of a career miner. No need to confirm that it wasn’t looking for gold or any precious metal, of course; but while in the process of…, with all its muscles pulled together, its back making a curve like hominidaes’ at the apex of their sacred pleasurable conjugation, its sister ran to the farthest part of the yard where grass and leaves are heaped up by our gardeners for compost after cutting them from all over the compound. Its sister’s running to prize itself with a morning scavenging didn’t stop the first one from its morning ritual, which is by far grander than my aimlessly sitting there. It took its time to cover what she just downloaded with both paws helping one another making sure its shame wouldn’t be discovered by its shameless cohabitants of the compound. Gracefully heading to its sister at the heap meant for compost but has changed, since few months back, into the easiest place to dump all sorts of refuse – semi-plastic paper lunch packs, all kinds of disposable items (cups, forks, bottles…), synthetic bags, old newspapers, and left-over food which is the best attraction of my worst enemies that inspired me the ingenious idea of ‘protective socks’. As the sister cats blessed the day with their first meal of the day amiably, I only wished if some of my hostel-mates could watch their deeds than just look for them to throw bits and pieces of their left-over lunch or dinner.

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